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Not impressed..

I’ve tried calling and ex mailing polished plaster to ask questions but never got a response so I went ahead and bought the marmorino 026, and it was not what I wanted, it’s really course, not smooth at all and looks just like a mud wall. I wanted a polishable plaster but got a sandy plaster. Not pleased, I’m going to have to plaster over it again..

Wow, that's a surprising review & our first negative review !

We're always available by phone for advice, and we do try to answer calls.
I'm always offering advice, and we pride ourselves on customer service.
As the descrition on the Marmorino says and I quote:

'Marmorino polished plaster is a unique type of plaster that is used for decorative purposes.
It is made by mixing lime plaster paste with WHITE MARBLE GRAINS, colorants, and natural waxes.
The marble grains give the plaster a soft sheen and create a subtle tonal pattern on the finished surface'

I traced your email and was simply asking if we did a 3 kg amount as 6 kg was too much for the wall, I am sorry I missed this one and didnt reply, sorry.

This was your 5th order with us and your first order of Marmorino, upon opening the tub and seeing it was full of grains of marble, we would have happlily replaced it.

You have a perfect base now to apply your desired plaster, just call me and we will send out what you need.

We'd still be glad to help troubleshoot if you'd like to reach out, just give me a call.

Best regards, Phil.

Great Company

materials are spot on and delivery is fast and efficient ..
top quality customer service as well..
look forward to doing more business in future.

Great work and thank you so much for your feedback and image of you work.

5 Star Products and Service

Cannot recommend this company enough. Great quality products to work with and fast delivery. Customer service is second to none with Phil a phone call away to offer good advice and assistance as and when needed. Thank you!

Great work , thanks for taking time to leave us a review.

Lucido project

First time ever using Venetian plaster for a feature wall. I loved the product and now looking for another wall to decorate!


Good plaster and wax.

Photos look amazing! Keep up the great work and thank you for choosing our product.

Excellent product

Very pleased with overall service and product. Chat service was very helpful and informative. Product is excellent and was delivered quickly.

I love the pictures, and the review is much appreciated.

Extremely impressive

Im a complete beginner and i wont pretendt i know what i was doing but the final result is fantastic, im an artist at heart so i worked on my own design but the final result was i want to do all the walls in my home.

Hello Umar, Thanks for your review and a great result on your first application.

Fantastic product!

Used polished plaster from this company, and I’m very happy. Coming from Italy and looking for a reliable seller of Venetian plaster, I was very happy to have found this! Product is of high quality, customer care is flawless. Highly recommended!

Great images, Andrea, and thank you for the kind review.


First time using this product as a self taught Venetian plasterer. I am extremely pleased with the results, excited to experiment with other Polishedplstercompany products. Please see attached the results from my experience.

Your attached photos look amazing! Keep up the great work and thank you for choosing our product.

Bathroom in Marmorino using aqua laq

Done a couple of projects now using these guys and never had a bad experience. Customer service is spot on and I really like their range of products.

Thank you for your kind review, work looks amazing.


Used this product along with the Decor wax and Primer. Shipping was fast and arrived when expected. Packaged well and the products are fantastic.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, looks great!

The Polished Plaster Company
Feature wall

I’ve used the polished plaster company several times their products and service are always top notch.

Love the work and thanks for your review.


Beautiful products as always from Phil . Used him for years.

Thanks Tony for your review, much appreciated.

Lime Concret

I used lime concrete to cover my fire surround after it was rendered. The render dried a brownish colour which wasn’t what I wanted at all. I had seen lime concrete on the website & decided to give it a go.
I watched the how to videos on the website first to give me an idea of how to hold the trowel etc. I’m sure my finish isn’t as good as a professional plasterers but I am extremely happy with the end result!
Pictures show original render, primer, then first & second coats 🙂

Looks great and thanks for your review.


Used many times and never disappointed great service and always happy to help

Thank you for your review and image. Looks great!

My favourite Venetian Plaster

Thank you for fast and on time delivery. Great products. That what I made of your Venetian Plaster.

Great work, Thanks.

Happy hobby

Great shop quality paints nice people

Thanks for uploading some great images.

Gold polish

Love it brilliant look on wall

Thank you Allan for your review, love the wall :)