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Lime Concrete

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A Powder mixture of natural lime, hydraulic binders and marble fillers for wall concrete decorative effects.

Product characteristics

Lime Concrete is a decorative monolayer product for interior concrete imitations supplied in a "pale gray base" color, applied with the Marmorino polished plaster trowel.
Colour Tint can be added to the plaster, to obtain a range of darker greys.
As Lime Concrete is an hydraulic base product the workable time "pot-life" is up above 90 minutes.
To obtain a correct mixture Lime Concrete has to be mixed with a mechanic drill and left to rest for 5 minutes before use.
The final aspect will be of a smooth satin concrete wall surface created by the different manipulation techniques and imagination of the applicator.

Application Instructions

• Base wall must be clean and dry smooth, fill any defects.
• Prepare the wall with Primer
• Application with stainless steel trowel and decorative tools.
• Mix with clean water, (half liter per kg) use a drill with mixing attachment, let the Lime Concrete rest for 10 minutes.
• The product can be applied in one or more layers. We suggest to apply the product with a Marmorino trowel and do vertical thick drafts, leaving joints and uncovered areas. After 10 minutes when the product hardens a bit, procede fixing the surface with extra layers and various touch-ups creating the typical concrete aspect.
Use tools like stiff brushes, scrapers to create interest in the wet plaster.
When the surface is 75% dry we can start to compact and finish the application, obtaining a smooth satin concrete look.
• Once dry we suggest to apply one layer of decor wax to increase dirt resistance.
• Temperature of application: 5° to 35°C
• All lime-based products have a normal drying time according to the thickness but, the real hardness is obtained through carbonation which occurs on contact with the air. This process could last many months

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