Pearlescent Wax
Pearlescent Wax
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Pearlescent Wax

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Decorative wax with a light silver, light gold, light bronze, pearlescent effect, composed of natural bee’s wax, acts as a decoration and protection for all types of surface to give a subtle pearlescent finish.

Recommend use:

Silver over neutral colours.
Gold over warm colours.
Bronze over warm and red tones.

Although this is totally up to you to experiment with!

With all liquid products we recommend the use of safety eyewear and gloves. 


Bees wax, pure Marseille soap, pearlescent pigments and special additives.


1lt x 1 or 2 coats 15 to 25 m2 depending on surface texture.


• Application with sponge, pads, lint free cloth or paintbrush, depending on surface and desired look.

• Application of 1 or more coats according to desired effect.

•Ready to use, stir with care.

• Let plaster surface dry for at least 24 hours before application

• Apply the wax using a sponge in area size of about 1 m2 per time, until the surface  no longer absorbs the wax. Remove the excess of wax from surface.

• The product can be applied using different tools: sponge, pad, lint free cloth, paintbrush according to the decorative effect to obtain. Remove with a clean cloth excess wax.

• After about 30 min, and not more than 2 hours, proceed to polishing with clean lint free cloths or mechanical  polishing machine with wool pads.

• Temperature of application 5° - 35°C


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